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Published on Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Monday @NCC - 3 Films

Man of My Life + The Seed + Vanitas

Event date: 9/19/2016 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM Export event

The Man of My Life (S/T)

By Melanie Delloye (ECU France)

Narr Short Rated NA, 26 minutes

When Alice sees Eric kissing another girl, she is devastated. To make matters worse, her rival runs with her on the same relay team. Alice is only 13, but is not ready to give up her place so easily.

The Seed (S/T)

By Barney Frydman (ECU Belgium)

Narr Short Rated NA, 20 minutes

Steve and Karim are two 17-year-old guys from the streets. One evening, they commit one crime too many, accidentally causing a woman's death… but their problem doesn't stop there.

Vanitas (S/T)

By Oscar Spierenburg (ECU Belgium)

Feature Rated NA, 81 minutes

Sarah follows in her father's footsteps as an art-restorer and is confronted with the forging of masterpieces. She decides to look for the ugly truth inside the world she idealizes.

Sorry, the ECU trailers have not been loaded. Google the film name and director and you'll probably find them.


$5 at the door gets you a seat for all the films shown this evening. Cash only please.

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