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Naperville Independent Film Festival News

2017 Festival Nominees and Winners
Don Gingold / Sunday, October 1, 2017 / Categories: NEWS

2017 Festival Nominees and Winners

Great Entries! Who Took Home a NIFFTY?


Who took home the coveted NIFFTY? It's the beautiful, gold-plated, 6 pound, 14 inch tall brother to the Oscar (did you know that the folks who designed our trophy made the Oscars for the Academy!?) One of these babies were awarded to the winner in each of our award categories.

We've listed the nominees in each category below.  One entry in each list is bolded. That's who was awarded the NIFFTY! 

Congratulations to all the great films, either selected for screening, nominated for best in class, or awarded a NIFFTY!



Best Student-Produced Film
  Forest of Echoes
  In Our Country
  Saba, The Unspoiled Queen
  The Transfer

Best Animation
  The Killer Buzz
  One Per Person
  The Past Inside The Present
  Wishing Box

Best Short
  Albedo Absolute
  Hey Blue Eyes
  In A Dream

Best Documentary
  Dribbling Dreams
  Hard to Believe
  Operation: The Power of Play
  Saba, The Unspoiled Queen
  Searching For Lady Day

Best Feature
  Black Cat
  Fairytales For Emma
  The Happys
  The Last Compartment
  Quaker Oaths

Best Screenplay
  Blood Trigger by Ron Podell
  I May Regret by Graham Streeter
  The Month of April by Graham Streeter
  Normal Folk by Graham Streeter
  Recalled to Life by Dan Burns

Best Actor
  Alex Dobrenko, Quaker Oaths
  Grant Garry, Black Cat
  Topher Hansson, On The 7th Date
  Leon Russom, The Midnighters
  Ondrej Vetchy, Fairytales For Emma

Best Actress
  Caitlin Carmichael, Monsters
  Anna Fischer, The Last Compartment
  Anna Geislerova, Fairytales For Emma
  Fede Rangel, Quaker Oaths
  Anna Rizzo, On The 7th Date

Best Director
  Steve Desmond, Monsters
  Julian Fort, The Midnighters
  Daniel John Harris, Hey Blue Eyes
  Rudolf Havlík, Fairytales For Emma
  Edina Kishonthy, In A Dream


A Coveted Prize!

The NIFFTY, a beautiful, gold plated, 6 pound, 14 inch high trophy is the award that was presented to these fine films and filmmakers, and anyone who received one will want to display it on their mantlepiece. (In fact, it's known that filmmakers who recieved one have run out and purchased mantlepieces.. wait, fake news! too soon?) Master of Ceremonies Don Gingold enjoyed handing out a dozen of these babies at the fun-filled awards show.

A big thanks to John Robbins who has cast these beauties for our show.


Brooke Hanson accepting the award for best student-produced film, presented by Roger Ebert, right, in 2009.  

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