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Naperville Independent Film Festival News

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Film Fest 2018 Cancelled

Regrouping and Restructuring means postponing for this year

After numerous meetings with the volunteers who have helped put on the festival in the past, and discussions with the Hollywood Palms, host of the festival for the past two years, the volunteers have decided to cancel the festival for September 2018 and focus on creating a new organization going forward.

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Edmond and Glessna Retire from NIFF

Founders moving onto whiter pastures

After launching a film festival in Naperville and nurturing it for ten years, founders Edmond and Glessna Coisson have decided to retire to a simpler life in upper Michigan, where they're enjoying lots of snow.

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Thanks for the Memories

A look back at the 10th Annual Festival

Like maybe Frank would sing, "In 2017, it was a very good year. It was a very good year for film-goers and festivals..."

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2017 Festival Nominees and Winners

Great Entries! Who Took Home a NIFFTY?

Our Gala Awards Show was held Saturday, September 30, 2017.

Who took home the coveted NIFFTY? It's the beautiful, gold-plated, 6 pound, 14 inch tall brother to the Oscar (did you know that the folks who designed our trophy made the Oscars for the Academy!?) One of these babies were awarded to the winner in each of our award categories.

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Don't Miss Out!

Watch the trailers and read the summaries to pick which films you can't wait to see!

It happens every year at the Naperville Independent Film Festival. Just before the award winner is announced, clips from each of the nominees are shown and a murmur goes around the theater:  "Oh, I wish I had seen that one!" 

Don't let that happen again this year!

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