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Edmond and Glessna Retire from NIFF
Don Gingold / Thursday, December 21, 2017 / Categories: NEWS

Edmond and Glessna Retire from NIFF

Founders moving onto whiter pastures

After launching a film festival in Naperville and nurturing it for ten years, founders Edmond and Glessna Coisson have decided to retire to a simpler life in upper Michigan, where they're enjoying lots of snow!

For the past several years the couple has been splitting their time between Naperville and the UP, making improvements to their house and their property up there, but now they've made the jump and relocated full-time.

It's a bittersweet time for all of the volunteers who made up the committees that ran the festival under their charge. While we hate to see them go, we know how much they enjoy their time up there and so we wish them the best in this new life, and thank them for their insight and persistence in bringing a film festival to Naperville and keeping it going for 10 years. That's no easy feat!

Glessna says there's an old-time cinema in the nearby town that would be a perfect location for a film festival. Uh oh, that doesn't sound like retiring to us! We'll be watching to see if George Clooney is spotted up north!

Meanwhile, back in Naperville, a group of volunteers are in discussions on how to move the festival forward. The organizational and financial aspects of the festival were run by them and need to transition, but due to the many family activities of the holiday season, not too much has been decided yet, and plans are that we'll be announcing next steps sometime in February 2018.

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(photo courtesy of Karen Glazik)

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