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Naperville Independent Film Festival News

Submission Deadline Extended
Don Gingold / Friday, April 14, 2017 / Categories: NEWS

Submission Deadline Extended

Just this once :-) Absolute Deadline April 30

Answering a plea for more time from a few filmmakers, the Naperville Independent Film Festival has extended the deadline for submitting their films to the 2017 festival. 

Submissions end on April 15 this year, but due to multiple requests, Head Juror Al Eisley has extended the deadline to April 30, 2017. "Hopefully, this will be just enough time for these filmmakers, without impacting the judging process."

Judging is just the beginning of a long process to bring the festival to fruition, and delays in one step of the process push the rest out, squeezing the last steps since the date of the festival has been set.

Our festival will be held from September 23 through the 30th this year, again at our new home, Hollywood Palms Cinema. Expect to see more about the festival, the films and the filmmakers in the coming weeks.

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