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Thanks for the Memories
Don Gingold / Friday, October 13, 2017 / Categories: NEWS

Thanks for the Memories

A look back at the 10th Annual Festival

Like maybe Frank would sing, "In 2017, it was a very good year. It was a very good year for film-goers and festivals..."

Or maybe like Bob would sing, "Thanks, for the memories. The week has just flown by, like the blink of an eye, the shows are good at Hollywood, that Donnacha's quite a guy, oh Thank You, so much!"

We had quite a number of shows - 38 screenings over 7 days, and that's just for the officially juried and selected films. 15 films from the European Film Festival were shown too in a separate theatre.

Thanks to the hundred-plus entries this year. It puts the number of juried films well over one thousand in our 10 years of holding a festival.

Congratulations to our winners - the list of nominees are on our home page, and the bolded entry in each category is the film, actor, or director who took home a NIFFTY.

As a part of the gala award show, I made a little tribute film to the 10 years of NIFF. Here it is for your enjoyment.

Eat popcorn, my friends!


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