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Naperville Independent Film Festival News

Want to Meet the Filmmakers?
Don Gingold / Friday, September 9, 2016 / Categories: NEWS

Want to Meet the Filmmakers?

Here's who is scheduled to attend the festival:

While watching great films is the main activity of the Naperville Indpendent Film Festival, talking with the people who were involved in those films can be one of the best parts of the fest -- particularly for students and other beginning filmmakers. 

Here is a list of the people who have indicated that they will be in attendance at the festival and the days they plan to attend. Please be aware that weather and other issues can change plans at a moment's notice. We'll try to keep you as updated as possible.

Film guests will be availble for questions and/or meet 'n' greet in the lobby of Hollywood Palms Cinema. Look for the NIFF "photo op" backdrop and information table. 

Sunday, September 11

Kids in Toyland, 5:00p

  • Billy Surges, Director
  • Erin Feeney, Writer
  • Many of the cast will also be in attendance. Following the film, a special awards ceremony will take place in the lobby.

Finding Hope, 7:00p

  • Suzette Brown, Actor
  • Shannon Brown, Actor

Wednesday, September 14

A Farmer's Road, 5:00p

  • John Murray, Director 

I'm Fine, 5:00p

  • Carl Evans, Producer
  • Annmarie Parker, Producer
  • Olivia Ritchie, actor
  • Unconfirmed cast members

Househunting Blues, 7:00p

  • Stephanie Boesso, Animator

A Year by the Sea, 7:00p

  • Alexander Janko, Writer/Director/Composer of the film
  • Joan Anderson, Author of the book
  • Karen Allen, Actor (unconfirmed)

Thursday, September 15

Open Tables, 7:00p

  • Jack Newell, Director

Imperfect Sky, 9:00p

  • Graham Streeter, Director

Friday, September 16

A New York Christmas, 7:00p

  • Nathan Ives, Director

Dating Daisy, 9:00p

  • Neel Upadhye, Director

Friday, September 23

What, I'm a Racist?, 7:00p

  • Daniel Harris, Director

In addition to appearance at the time their film is screened, some of filmmakers will also be attending the Awards Ceremony on Saturday:

Awards Ceremony, Saturday, September 17

  • Nathan Ives
  • Stephanie Boesso
  • Neel Upadhye
  • Daniel Harris

Remember that this is also a great opportunity to talk shop with other filmmakers and film lovers like yourself. Consider the NIFF area of the Hollywood Palms Cinema lobby YOUR meeting space during the festival! 

See you there!

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